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HCD | Design thinking in teaching

Design thinking in
Indian Primary Education

Education policies and practices in India have been stagnant over the past few decades. At the core of the current education system lies the assumption that education is a relatively sound knowledge and skill set. However, today’s complex world requires versatile skill sets that can drive innovative solutions. Thus there is a need for such competencies that can reframe problem situations and create contextualized knowledge to derive plausible design solutions. Design thinking is the way forward- in that it encompasses cognitive activities that focus on changing natural resources or existing human artifacts in response to emerging human needs or desires. It is thus an iterative, human-centered problem-solving tool. This paper highlights the importance of introducing Design Thinking at the primary level of education and suggests interventions in the form of a proposed module to encourage educators to help children apply design thinking methods and tools to define problems better and generate creative and adaptive solutions.
A thorough contextual study examines the history of education in India and the different teaching methods across the globe, followed by persona mapping, case studies, and an understanding of how design thinking will aid in the primary level of education.

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A case study on sportswear industries in south Asia

This report develops students’ technical and practical abilities, capabilities, and competencies to innovate to commercialize and capitalize on value-creative ideas and solutions in sustainable and service design. It will engage students in developing real-life innovation implementation and operations models, strategies, and executions. A case study on sportswear industries in south Asia

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HCD | design thinking

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